Etude de cas Douirti

How Douirti Reinvents Real Estate for an Enhanced Customer Experience Through Digital Innovation?


In the pursuit of ease, simplicity, and immediacy, Douirti chose MEDIANET to guide it through its digital transformation, starting with the redesign of its website, social media management, and the creation of innovative digital concepts to provide a better user experience.

MEDIANET is involved in both the strategic guidance and growth marketing aspects to acquire clients in a targeted and personalized manner.


Similar to many other industries, digital transformation in real estate has become an inevitable turn as buyers increasingly rely on the internet to find the offer that suits them. With the goal of increasing its visibility, attracting more qualified traffic, acquiring more prospects, and positioning Douirti as the reference in real estate in Tunisia, MEDIANET has proposed a comprehensive digital strategy to Douirti.

The Project

Project Name: Douirti

Real Estate Development Company

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