Develop Your Online Business

With our experts and consultants in the e-commerce domain, we accompany you in setting up your online store that specifically meets your needs and target audience.

Key Figures


of e-commerce site traffic is generated from organic search


of conversions are made from mobile devices


of online buyers are men between 25 and 34 years old

E-commerce Solution

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MEDIANET's e-commerce support strategy involves all aspects of the e-commerce ecosystem to boost your revenue and project.

Pack Business

We provide our team of experts in development and communication to support you in your digital transformation.

Benefit from the latest digital technologies to offer your customers a user-centric purchasing journey (UX) with ergonomic interfaces.

Pack Entrepreneur

If your business already exists and you want to boost it, our entrepreneur pack offers a powerful e-commerce tool to help expand your online business.

Pack Start-up

If you want to enter the world of e-commerce, we provide an offer tailored to your needs, reducing barriers to make commerce accessible to everyone.

Product Management

  • Unlimited categories and subcategories.
  • Unlimited product sheets with product ratings.
  • Multiple images per product with automatic resizing.
  • Display prices in HT or TTC with available decreasing prices.
  • Choice of product display type.
  • Product sorting by price, publication date, etc.
  • Consideration of product references.

Catalog Management

  • Automatic generator & product combinations.
  • Stock management, tracking, valuation & history by product and variations.
  • Organization of products by price, name, or stock quantity.
  • Management of manufacturers and suppliers.
  • Replenishment alert and order generation.
  • Management of product or batch tags.
  • Association of products with accessories.


  • Insertion of advertising banners.
  • Update of content and images on the homepage.
  • Display of best sellers.
  • Highlighting available payment options.
  • Unlimited number of content pages.
  • Localization of physical stores.

Customer Management

  • Configuration of the form and customer account creation.
  • Secure customer access.
  • Import and export lists of customers.
  • Access a summary of your customers' activity.
  • Receive notifications and default responses.
  • Generate credits to refund dissatisfied customers.
  • Newsletter subscription management.
  • Sending discount vouchers to the best customers.


  • Configuration of the form and customer account creation.
  • Unlimited number of carriers.
  • Possibility to offer free delivery.
  • Billing based on price and weight.
  • Distinct delivery or billing addresses.
  • Email notification of delivery statuses (customizable).

Payment and Taxes

  • Tax management by country, state, and county.
  • Unlimited number of tax and currency rules.
  • Payment methods: Filtering payment methods by currency or country.
  • Cash on delivery (COD).

Order Management

  • Overview of orders.
  • Modify an order at the customer's request.
  • Receive a notification for each new order.
  • Print a PDF delivery slip.
  • Create email templates and send default emails.
  • Automate email sending.
  • Possibility to order out-of-stock products.

Administration, Analysis, and Reports

  • Real-time analytical dashboard.
  • Strategically positioned key performance indicators (KPIs).
  • Visitor activity tracking.
  • Consultation of customer profiles and demographic data.
  • Reports on orders and sales.
  • Geolocation.
  • Carrier statistics.
  • Customer contact statistics.
  • Display of top suppliers.
  • Out-of-stock alerts.
  • Information on abandoned carts.
  • Catalog reminders (out-of-stock, unavailable products).

Store Management

  • Module activation and product and page recording in one click.
  • Store management in any configured language.
  • PDF invoices and delivery slips with product images.