For Optimal Operation of Your Platform

Acting on Causes for Long-Term Radical Solutions

Our methodology is based on the responsiveness of our teams. We first provide quick solutions to detected problems to ensure platform activity continuity. Next, we deeply investigate the causes to address the problem and propose long-term solutions.


We offer a ticketing system with very short response times for our clients.

  • Analyze and diagnose application anomalies
  • Implement and test corrections for anomalies
  • Configure various software packages and third-party tools, implement them
  • Apply and test patches to correct anomalies or regressions
  • Analyze the impact of patch regressions

Regular activity reports are shared to keep a record of changes and treatments.

  • Provide workaround solutions
  • Update all documentation affected by corrections
  • Provide installation and rollback procedures for corrections in the recipe environment
  • Assist/support in executing installation procedures
  • Facilitate follow-up meetings


Maintenance operations primarily cover:

  • Security vulnerability correction
  • Functional anomaly correction
  • CMS and plugin updates
  • Errors impacting platform performance and response time
  • Configurations related to interfacing
  • Application incidents detected in logs
  • Database optimizations


  1. Announcement
    To declare the dysfunction in the anomaly management tool with as much detail as possible
  2. Analysis and Assigning
    Analysis and qualification of the request.
    If necessary, request additional information. Assigning the ticket to the Run team
  3. Treatment
    Correction of the anomaly with ticket updates at each step Reproduction Workaround if applicable Correction Unit test
  4. Hotfix recovery
    Run teams validate the correction on the integration environment
  5. Pre-Production Delivery
    The patch is delivered in pre-production for customer validation before deployment
  6. Client approval
    Run teams prepare to be on monitoring
  7. Production Delivery
    The validated patch is delivered for production.
    Once installed, the patch undergoes validation, and the ticket is closed
  8. Client approval
    Run teams are on monitoring
  • Response time
  • Correction time
  • Validation time

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