Digital Disrupts the Customer Experience in the Automotive Sector

Significant Conversion Opportunities Regardless of the Objective

Players in the automotive sector must meet the heightened expectations of customers during the product research phase through to the purchasing phase.

The Mobile Device

An Essential Tool Reinventing the Automotive Buying Journey

Typically, the customer's journey starts on their computer, continues on their smartphone, and concludes in the showroom. Hence, the importance of expanding touchpoints (web, mobile, social networks, showroom) to provide users with immersive multichannel experiences and streamline the customer journey.


A Challenge for the Automotive Industry

The digitization of showrooms has become essential to facilitate access to information and guide the customer in the purchasing process, reducing wait times.

Phygital (interactive kiosks and touch screens) allows for creating continuity between the showroom and the digital realm, energizing the customer journey from the intent to purchase to conversion.

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23 Avril 2019