Co-creating Value with MEDIANET

We are more than just an incubator!

We are an innovation hub. The MEDIANET technological incubator represents a groundbreaking approach to fostering entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship.

MEDIANET serves as a technological incubator, guiding project creators in transforming innovative ideas into thriving enterprises.

With over 20 years of expertise in technology and digital evolution, we offer entrepreneurs access to the knowledge of our technical and business experts, collaborative opportunities with our partners, and the benefits of our global network

Turning Failure into Success

Failure is an experience that imparts wisdom, a step back that allows for improvement, ultimately leading to success. At MEDIANET, failure is viewed as a source of progress. Understanding failure is understanding how to succeed.

MEDIANET's Commitment to Intrapreneurship

MEDIANET's Commitment to Intrapreneurship This concept encourages internal entrepreneurial initiatives, empowering Medianautes to innovate and turn ideas into startups. MEDIANET passionately supports value-added ideas.

With the backing of Africinvest Group, intrapreneurship takes center stage in MEDIANET's strategy—a thrilling challenge embraced by the company's leadership.

The Coworking Space
A Hub for Innovation!

MEDIANET Incubator Space

The Incubator Space idea emerged to create a dedicated environment for fostering entrepreneurship and intrapreneurship, invigorating the ecosystem of new startups within MEDIANET.