For Effective, Dynamic, and Intuitive Communication

Infochannel: Indoor & Outdoor TV

Digital signage is an innovative and interactive communication solution that allows the broadcast of messages on a network of screens dedicated to internal and external communication.

MEDIANET supports you throughout your dynamic display project, from screen installation and graphic design to message creation, content management, animation, and training in digital signage use.


Manage Your Communication from Anywhere with a Single Click

You can remotely manage content (videos, images, audio, social media, etc.) across your entire network of dynamic display screens with just a few clicks.

We have implemented customized digital signage solutions in various sectors: banks, insurance, hotels, gas stations, retail, automotive, etc., in cloud mode or other UX Design & User Interface designs.

We develop innovative solutions with modules that interface with various information systems to best meet our clients' needs.

For a Unique and Interactive Customer Experience

Our solutions seamlessly integrate with your information systems (webservices, social networks, etc.) and address various needs:

  • Energize your internal and external communication
  • Reduce visitor wait times
  • Modernize your reception areas
  • Guide visitors and assist customers in the purchasing process
  • Inform and unite your collaborators
  • Share real-time news and information (weather, opening hours, currency rates, etc.)
  • Provide information to your visitors
  • Promote your products and services
  • Announce events
  • Offer a digital experience to your visitors

Expert Opinion

"Dynamic display is a contemporary communication channel designed to achieve complete transparency in information."