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At MEDIANET, we always leverage the skills and passions of each individual !

Soft Skills Training

Do you already have expertise and want to embark on a new professional adventure?


Are you a recent graduate dreaming of a career that matches your ambitions?


Are you still a student looking for an internship?

MEDIANET, a treasure trove of talent that nurtures talents !

We invest in upskilling Medianautes on both soft skills and hard skills. In this context, we launched MEDIANET Academy to ensure better continuous training. In addition to investing in human development and skill enhancement, we help our partners develop their own projects.

An Organization in Co-Leadership

MEDIANET's organization is based on a co-leadership system where all team members collaborate and contribute to the development and prosperity of the company.
Collaboration is our motto, and it's what makes us stronger. We co-work, co-think, co-manage, and co-evolve.

Our Goals

We are responsible, motivated, and love challenges !

We are a family where trust, sharing, communication, and transparency are the keywords! If you share these same values and want to evolve in a dynamic, future-oriented environment, join us !

Our goal is to co-create a clear evolution for each of our current and future collaborators !

Success Story

Social Media is not a place where you praise your brand; it's where the community praises you

Mohamed Ben Tanfous Social Media Manager


Better Collaborate Together

MEDIANET develops the culture of soft skills among its employees while also strengthening hard skills. It also provides visibility into the career path of each individual and their evolution within the company. Convinced that those who have contributed to the success of MEDIANET can now become partners. In short, MEDIANET has become the company of all Medianautes! Download the Welcome Booklet