When Natilait Teases Its Designer to Amuse Its Community!

When Natilait Teases Its Designer to Amuse Its Community!

On the second day of Eid, Natilait posted on its Facebook page to promote its drink product, Nati’yo.

What makes it exceptional?

A visually professional content, created by our talented graphic designer, aimed at capturing the interest of the brand's target audience.

By deliberately choosing a childlike aesthetic, we managed to create a surprising and curious effect among internet users, who quickly embraced the post, sharing it massively.

The result?

Well, they exceeded all expectations! With a reach of 300k people in just three days and a remarkable engagement rate of 21.5%, combined with 546 generated comments, this attests to the significant impact of this action on Natilait's targeted audience, effectively sensitizing them to the brand in an entertaining way.

visuel 1.png (190 KB)

We mention this to convey that by choosing to communicate playfully and originally, we not only succeeded in setting NATILAIT apart from its competitors but also strengthened its likability among its audience.

The positive comments left by internet users on the page testify to that!

So, thanks to our Community Manager and our designer who hasn't returned to work yet!

visuel 2.png (144 KB)

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