Tunisian Automotive Search Trends - 2023

Tunisian Automotive Search Trends - 2023

Analyzing internet user search trends is a critical step before launching or adjusting a digital communication action plan.

Semantic analysis is instrumental in identifying the type of content users are seeking.

In this article, we focus on queries entered into Google from January to September 2023, related to the automotive sector and the intention to purchase a vehicle (new or used).

To provide a comprehensive view of the semantic landscape, we cross-referenced several datasets*, allowing us to compile the top 500 keywords most searched, generating approximately 825,000 monthly searches during the study period.

We identified the following keyword groups:

auto.png (22 KB)

Despite the current interest in Hybrid/Electric cars, it doesn't exceed 1% of the search volume.

  • 78% of internet users currently prefer generic queries, where they are open to all results displayed by the search engine.
  • 21% of queries are specific and include the name and/or model of the desired automobile.

Classification of Generic Queries:

auto 4.2.png (19 KB)

New car searches represent the majority of typed queries.

Details of "Model/Brand" queries:

As the graph below shows, users have mostly associated the term "price" with their search queries.

auto 3.png (18 KB)

Classification of "Model" Queries by Category:

The classification of the most searched "model/brand" queries during the period January - September 2023 shows that city cars are at the top of the categories of vehicles desired by Tunisians, followed by SUVs.

auto 2.png (22 KB)

Summary: Based on the results of this search trend analysis, we observe that due to the diversification of the offer and the arrival of new automotive brands in the Tunisian market, internet users first launch generic queries with the intention of discovering new models and offers. Secondly, they refine their searches by specifying the brand and/or model of the desired car.

Auto dealers aiming to captivate potential buyers should appear in the top Google results and optimize their website's SEO.

(*)Cross-referencing exported data, with initial queries being: new car Tunisia, used car Tunisia, popular car Tunisia, hybrid car Tunisia, electric car Tunisia, brand-type queries…

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