The Paid Service to Verify Facebook and Instagram Accounts Now Available in Tunisia

The Paid Service to Verify Facebook and Instagram Accounts Now Available in Tunisia

In a previous article published on February 19, 2023, we announced the launch of a paid service to verify Facebook and Instagram accounts.

The question was when the subscription would be available in Tunisia since access to this subscription was reserved for certain countries, and one had to be on a waiting list to be informed when Meta Verified would be available in our region if eligible.

Recall that to be eligible for Meta Verified, you must meet the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years old.
  • Have a public or private profile associated with your full name, adhere to naming standards, and have a profile picture featuring your face.
  • Have activated two-factor authentication, an operation that can be completed after payment.
  • Meet minimum activity criteria, such as a history of previous posts.
  • Have an official identification document corresponding to the name on your profile and your profile picture.
  • Adhere to Facebook's Terms of Service and Community Standards.

Using an account based in Tunisia, a member of the team specializing in media buying and META expertise successfully verified their Facebook account after being on the waiting list.

It only took a few minutes to complete the payment and verification steps and then wait for identity verification (which can take up to 48 hours).

profil facebook verifié medianet

profil vérifié medianet meta facebook

Note that once your profile is verified, you cannot change your username or birthdate on your profile without going through the Meta Verified application and verification process again.

Meta Verified is generally available in most regions for $11.99 when subscribing from the web (Facebook only) and $14.99 when subscribing in the app.

Benefits of Meta Verified Subscription:

  • A verified badge that shows your audience that it is indeed you.
  • A more secure account with active monitoring for identity theft.
  • Access to account assistance for the most common account-related issues.
  • Exclusive stickers for your Facebook stories and reels.

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