Surge in TELEGRAM App Downloads Over the Last 10 Days as Tunisians Shift Away from META Social Networks

Surge in TELEGRAM App Downloads Over the Last 10 Days as Tunisians Shift Away from META Social Networks

In Tunisia, during the period from October 7 to October 18, 2023, according to Sensortower, TELEGRAM surpassed META applications in both the Play Store and App Store rankings for the most downloaded applications.

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This recent surge in TELEGRAM app downloads is primarily due to restrictions related to the visibility of shared content.

Before explaining how the Facebook algorithm works, it's important to note that TELEGRAM had recorded 700 million users as of July 2023. This instant messaging platform has always prioritized enhanced security for user conversations.

The system even allows for the creation of ephemeral messages (secret exchanges) that disappear either upon reading or after a chosen period. Additionally, TELEGRAM conversations are neither tracked nor used for commercial purposes.

Facebook's algorithm, based on several restriction rules, disappoints a significant portion of its community!

The Facebook algorithm is a key element that determines what you see on your news feed when you log in to the social network. It is designed to personalize your experience by highlighting content that aligns with your interests, based on past interactions, preferences, and other factors.

According to several social media experts and our usage as a digital agency, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • The more you watch video content, the more Facebook suggests similar content.
  • Group posts are boosted by the platform if they encourage interaction.
  • Original story posts receive preferential placement in the news feed, while posts that don't may be penalized.
  • Highly interactive posts are given more prominence.
  • Visibility of violent content and false information is restricted, as well as content excessively encouraging action, such as downloading an app or purchasing a service.
  • The timing of when a post is shared can impact its placement in your news feed. Recent posts are more likely to appear at the top.
  • The algorithm proposes content based on your past preferences and online behaviors.

Community Standards define what is allowed and what is not on Facebook. Each Community Standards article begins with a "Policy Rationale" outlining the objectives, followed by specific policy guidelines.

The main standards impacting content visibility include:

Dangerous Organizations and Individuals

To prevent and discourage real danger, organizations or individuals advocating violent goals or involved in violent activities are not welcome on Facebook.

False Information

Fact-checkers may examine and assess public posts on Facebook and Instagram, including ads, articles, photos, videos, Reels, or text-only posts.

Currently, Meta is taking steps to remove misinformation related to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, relying on media considered reliable, such as CNN.

In the three days following the attack, Meta stated it had removed or marked as disturbing over 795,000 pieces of content in Hebrew or Arabic.

Violent and Explicit Content

To protect users from shocking images, Facebook removes particularly violent or graphic content, such as videos showing dismemberment, visible entrails, or charred bodies. Facebook also removes content containing sadistic remarks about images depicting the suffering of humans and animals.

While the Facebook algorithm is designed to enhance your platform experience, trends can change over time. Given the numerous standards applied and the debate regarding the responsiveness of fact-checkers and restrictions imposed on the visibility of certain content types, many users have opted to migrate to other apps like TELEGRAM, mentioned earlier, for more freedom and real-time news updates.

Hamas Channel Blocked on TELEGRAM Starting October 16, 2023:

Messaging app Telegram has blocked two Hamas channels on its Android version, according to CNBC and the Jerusalem Post. This could be a request from Google, with the Jerusalem Post stating that only the app downloaded via the Play Store is affected. Its app store regulations prohibit those that promote terrorist organizations. (sources:

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