If you haven't heard about the concept, it means you haven't been active enough on social media during the past three weekends of May.

As part of its support in the digital strategy for MAGIC HOTELS, MEDIANET once again leveraged its expertise to create a new campaign emphasizing the importance of culinary experiences for the brand.

Indeed, cuisine has always been at the heart of the hotel chain's strengths, and this is where MEDIANET introduced an exceptional concept by creating a challenge that seamlessly combines the worlds of influencers, enthusiasts, hotel guests, and, of course, the expertise of MAGIC HOTELS. All gathered for a unique experience under the theme: Culinary Sharing, Creation, and Passion!

For those accustomed to seeing and liking dishes from culinary creators on Instagram, MAGIC TOQUES went beyond the visual by offering them the opportunity to taste and judge these dishes while enjoying a stay at MAGIC HOTELS. But it didn't stop there—some fans even had the chance to cook with their favorite influencers, benefiting from the support and expertise of MAGIC HOTELS' chefs to create the 30 dishes judged by the panel.

In three weeks, 40K views were accumulated on YouTube, 1.7M interactions were generated across all platforms, and there was a gain of 3.5K new followers on Instagram.

Did you miss it? Watch all three episodes [HERE].

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