Attijari Leasing, Embarking on a Tailored Relationship with Its Clients...

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Attijari Leasing meets your need for change!

Expert dans l'accompagnement de ses clients dans l'investissement et le choix des financements adaptés avec des tarifs compétitifs.

As an expert in assisting its clients in investment and choosing suitable financing with competitive rates, Attijari Leasing's web portal showcases its product offering by highlighting financing solutions. It allows users to simulate each request, facilitates contact through calls or appointment requests, and provides direct access to a client portal for monitoring contract status and payment schedules.

The business experts on the MEDIANET team worked on implementing a UX approach in designing the portal and the mobile version tailored to the needs of Attijari Leasing's clients. This ensures that clients receive personalized support while focusing on creating a simple and seamless customer journey.

The Project

Project Name: Attijari Leasing

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