Case Study: TOPNET

Facilitating Communication and Building Special Bonds with Customers at the Heart of TOPNET's Strategy


With the increasing use of the internet and ever-growing technological innovations, operators face a significant challenge: rethinking their strategy and making new investments to adapt to the constantly evolving market.

Topnet faces a dual challenge: maintaining the quality of its services and facilitating communication with its customers by providing a comprehensive solution. In 2016, Topnet enlisted the help of MEDIANET to create its new web portal with an online store and a feature-rich customer area, including online bill consultation and payment, line transfer, etc.

Increased Mobility and Proximity

MEDIANET also developed a mobile application that allows users to locate the nearest point of sale, purchase Topnet products, and access various services through the online store.

The new web portal and mobile application enable TOPNET to interact with its customers by offering new, high-value online services (online complaints, ticketing, remote router management, online payment).

The Project

Project Name: Topnet

Internet and ADSL

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