Case Study: ONTT
The Tunisian National Tourist Office


The Tunisian National Tourist Office (ONTT) has launched the new portal to promote tourism in Tunisia, one of the most attractive and promotional destinations in the Mediterranean. The portal highlights various aspects of Tunisia through beautiful videos and virtual tours, providing users with an almost real journey to the country from their screens. Launched in ten languages (Arabic, French, English, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Spanish, Polish, Czech, and German), targeting multiple nationalities, the portal aims to:

  • Provide an inspiring platform by infusing innovative elements into the tourist offer.
  • Elevate Tunisia to the status of a must-visit destination by portraying a beautiful image and visual identity of the country.
  • Implement a solution that is innovative, effective, intuitive, easy to navigate, and compliant with W3C web standards.
  • Improve natural referencing and performance analysis of the platform.

The Project

Project Name: Design and Implementation of a New Promotional Portal for Tunisian Tourism