MATTEL, Telecommunications Pioneer in Mauritania

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As part of its ongoing commitment to improving products and services for its customers, MATTEL, a pioneer in telecommunications in Mauritania, enlisted our experts to define its new strategy for developing its digital channels, including its informational portal, online store, mobile application, and self-care platform.


  • Promote MATTEL's services and products for each target customer group
  • Share news relevant to the target audience (actions, news, events, etc.)
  • Provide a contact channel with different targets for interaction

Customer satisfaction and proximity were MATTEL's primary concerns. In this regard, a digital self-care platform was implemented to provide customers with a range of online services, allowing them to:

  • Have a dashboard with key indicators
  • View invoices and loyalty points
  • Explore products and services such as online recharges
  • Conduct online transactions, including line transfers, offer migrations, product reactivations, etc
  • Submit dissatisfaction or suggestions to customer service

To ensure omnichannel support and ensure that customers are well-equipped regardless of the channel they choose, the mobile application was developed not only to replicate the features of the web version of self-care but also to:

  • Ensure 24/7 communication with customers through chat, online assistants, etc
  • Advise customers on various offered services or products
  • Enhance interactivity with customers through reviews, comments, and surveys

The Project

Project Name: Development of the Informational Portal, Online Store, Mobile Application, and Self-Care for MATTEL Mauritania.

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