New Model, New Challenges

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In order to strengthen the reputation of and enhance its visibility and digital presence, MEDIANET intervened for a strategic consulting and support mission to propose areas of evolution and define priority objectives.

By offering an innovative vision, began by identifying the target audience and the means. Subsequently, MEDIANET supported the teams in identifying the key levers to activate in order to establish its e-business strategy.

The Human Factor, Key to Success

It was through the mobilization of a dedicated, available, and highly involved team that the challenge was met. Possessing a comprehensive project vision, this team facilitated close collaboration with the teams.

At the Heart of the Process

A targeted and innovative action plan was implemented to ensure the effective implementation of's strategic axes:

A social media activation campaign was initiated. A MEDIA plan was put in place. The MEDIANET-proposed system also included the creation and management of sponsored campaigns (Google Ads search, display campaigns, social Ads on Facebook and Instagram), creative design on social media, retargeting for acquiring new customers, increasing the number of orders, and boosting sales for

For optimal impact, content management was supported/entrusted to ambassadors (influencers) so that the brand could intuitively address its audiences.

The Project

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