18th Francophonie Summit

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In the organization of the Francophonie Summit, the Tunisian Presidency sought the assistance of MEDIANET to support the preparation and execution of the event. This involved advising on communication strategy, developing the web portal, and creating the mobile application.


The web portal and mobile application were central to the event's communication strategy to boost visibility and international recognition while ensuring 24/7 communication with stakeholders.

  • An omnichannel experience accompanied by innovative, interactive, and intuitive design
  • Features focused on real-time information sharing by category (conferences, workshops, concerts, etc.)
  • High-value-added services for stakeholders (event calendar, registration management, live streaming, push notifications, etc.)

The web portal featured a back office that allowed for the management of both the portal and the mobile application's content. This configuration facilitated real-time information sharing and was based on web services to interface the web portal with the mobile application in both Android and iOS versions.

During the November 2022 summit month, there were 35,000 visits, with 78% accessed from mobile devices. Access came from over 100 countries, with 50% from organic search channels.

The Project

Project Name: Development of the Web Portal and Mobile Application for the 18th Francophonie Summit

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